6/24/2012 Announcements

Sunday, 6/24 -

     Bible Fund Collection

     Sunday School Picnic - The annual Sunday School Picnic will be today at 4:30 at the Countryside School.  Even if you did not get your name on the sign-up sheet, please feel free to attend as we are planning on many more attending than the number that signed up.


University of Illinois and Parkland College

If you or someone you know will be attending the University of Illinois or Parkland Community College in the fall, please refer to the New Student Welcome on the bulletin board. A response is desired by July 1st.


Donating Items for the Upcoming Nursing Home Benefit

There are forms on the (2) bulletin boards to fill out if you are able to donate a new item or a service.  It is very beneficial to advertise the items ahead of time.  In order to do this, please have your forms filled out by July 10th.  If you have any questions, please see Sis. Kathy Knapp or Sis. Lynne Hodel.



Looking Ahead:  


Sunday, 7/1 - Wedding - Bro. Brian Schwind & Sis. Rebekah Davidovics (Peoria)


Friday, 7/13 -  "A Christ-Centered Approach to Encouraging Others" by ACCFS

This presentation details a number of specific and doable things that the Body of Believers can do to support and encourage others. This presentation includes suggestions that are focused on making the "climate" within your church a loving and safe place for people to share their burdens. Specific suggestions for what to do (and not do) when trying to support and encourage others are discussed.  This seminar will be held at the fellowship hall on Friday 7/13 from 7:00 - 9:00.

Details are posted on the north hall bulletin board.


Friday, 8/10 - Brotherhood Conference in Rockville


Friday 8/24 & Saturday 8/25 - Nursing Home Benefit


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