12/18/2011 Announcements

12/18/2011 Announcements 

●      The Prairie Choristers will provide a program of Christmas songs and scripture, this Wednesday night, December 21st at 7 pm.

●      There was overwhelming support from the church to move ahead with selection of a minister.  We appreciate the support you expressed and it would be our plan to wait till after of the hustle of the holidays and the first week of January to send out a letter and ballot.  We will provide an exhortation Wednesday evening, January 4th reviewing the scriptures regarding the importance of and qualifications of a minister.  We would than ask the congregation to prayerfully seek God’s direction in who He would raise up to serve in the ministry and ask you to provide that name on the ballot which would be due around January 20th.  Further information will be provided as we approach the time of balloting.

●      Bro. Fred Witizig from our Washington Church will be with us on Saturday evening, January 14th.  He will be giving a 2 hour presentation on the historical perspective on the doctrines of Arminianism and Calvinism.  While many of you may not be familiar with these terms, they are associated with the doctrines of free will, predestination and eternal security.


      2012 Sign up sheets are located on the bulletin board for the following: 
      Birthday cakes for the Nursing Home residents
      Church Phone Directory changes
      Church Dinner List changes
      Church Rotating Potluck changes -  If you participated this year, you will be automatically included for next year unless otherwise noted.

      World Relief has two winter work projects beginning in January.  They are located in Cullman, Alabama (south of Athens) and Bastrop, Texas.  Additional information is available on the bulletin board or on the World Relief website.

      Since Christmas Day is on Sunday, we will not have a lunch hour.  After the first service, we will sing Christmas Carols for 15 minutes while the Sunday School children come upstairs and then have the second service.  We should be finished by 12:00.
      The new church website is: roanokeacchurch.org