10/13/2013 Announcements

Wednesday 10/16

Scripture Memory Class

ACTIVE - The ACTIVE boys will meet in the intermediate Sunday school room in the basement this Wednesday at 7:15

WOW - The high school Worship on Wed. will meet at Bro. Scott Lunginbuhl's home at 7:00.


Friday 11/1 -

Due Date for Purchasing Tickets for the Harvest Dinner - The Jr. and Sr. Bible Class students will be hosting a Harvest Dinner at 6:30 on Nov. 16th to help fund their work trip to Jamaica.  Please make reservations before Nov. 1st by contacting sisters Lynne Hodel or Stacy Leman.  The minimum donation requested is $35. Valet parking will be provided. They are traveling to Jamaica because Magdalena, where they have gone in the past, was unavailable.  The cost of their trip will be considerably higher, so they would appreciate your help in this effort.

World Relief Benefit Auction for Hospital Lumiere - The Apostolic Christian World Relief benefit auction for Hospital Lumiere is planned for Friday November 1 at Five Points in Washington starting at 4:30. If you have an item or service you would like to donate, contact Rich Bertschi or see the announcement on the bulletin board or on the World Relief website.


Sunday 11/3 - Bradford Church Singing Invitation

The Roanoke church has been invited to Bradford church for a singing on Sunday, November 3rd at 6pm.  It would be nice if there would be a good turnout for this.  They would like an idea of the number of people attending.  There is a sign up sheet on the bulletin boards in the north hall and by the ladies restroom for those who can attend.


Notes of Encouragement for Yordys

A box for the Yordy family has been placed by the main announcement board to put cards of encouragement in for the Yordy family. The box will be sent out the first week of November to Haiti. Please take time to encourage the Yordy family.                                        



Looking Ahead


Wednesday 10/30 - Topical Bible Study

The Resurrection by  Bro. Matt Kaufmann (Bloomington)


Saturday 11/16 - Harvest Dinner for the Bible Class 2014 Work Trip to Jamaica 

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