7/26/15 Announcements

Sunday 7/26 - High School W.O.W. - will be going to Bertschi’s Lake House.  Students should meet at Bro. Dave Leman’s house at 2:00 PM.  They are scheduled to return to Leman’s house around 9:00 PM.  If your student needs a ride from Leman’s house back to your house, the adult leaders will take them home.  

Saturday 8/1 – Gateway Woods Auction - The Gateway Woods Auction will be held this Saturday, August 1st. Please consider attending the sale to help make it a success. Join thousands of friends of Gateway Woods for a wonderful day of fellowship and giving.There over 100 bikers, including six from our congregation, participating in the ride to Gateway Woods this year. One group leaves Wednesday from Fairbury and the other leaves Thursday from Rittman, Ohio. Please pray for their safety and for God’s blessing on the Sale. Thank you for supporting the children of Gateway Woods. 

Sunday 8/2 - ACCFS Collection 

Sunday 8/8 – Welcome Weekend - The Welcome Weekend for new or returning students to ISU, Heartland, or Wesleyan will be held on Sunday, August 16th at Bloomington church. Students and families are welcome to attend Bloomington church for to the day. Registration begins at 4:00pm with a pizza dinner served at 4:30pm. The Welcome Dinner is for the students and their families and is a great way to begin the semester. 

Tuesday 8/4 - Helping Hands 9:00-12:00

Sunday 8/16 - “The New Beginnings” Presentation at the Fellowship Hall at 7:00 - Gridley Church has been invited to join our Roanoke Church to learn about “The New Beginnings,” a program to assist single moms in the Ft. Myer’s, Florida area.  Bro. Dustin Hodel, the administrative assistant, will be giving the presentation.

Looking Ahead

Friday 8/7 - Church Conference in Morris

Friday/Saturday 8/21-22 – The Nursing Home Benefit –  If you have any questions, please contact Sisters: Cheryl Baurer, Joyce Hodel, or Carol Knapp

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