5/1/16 Announcements

Sunday 5/1
  • Gateway Woods Collection
  • Sunday School Elections - If you would like additional time to pray, feel free to take a ballot home and mail it to Bro. Tom by the end of the week.

Tuesday 5/3 - Helping Hands from 9:00 - 3:00

Wednesday 5/4 - National Day of Prayer Program at 7:30 PM at Church

Wednesday 5/11 - High School Worship on Wednesday - WOW has been rescheduled from 5/4 to 5/11 due to the National Day of Prayer program.  It will be held at the Fehr’s home.

Sunday 5/15 - Baccalaureate Service for our Graduating Seniors - The Bible Class will join us upstairs for our morning worship service and will then sing some songs for the congregation.

June 6-10 - Vacation Bible School - The following signup sheets have been posted on the bulletin board in the north hall:
  • New Students: Please list names for incoming 3 year olds as well as children who are not on the Sunday School roster that plan to come to VBS.
  • Teachers and Helpers for all Grade Levels: You only need to teach for a single night (more if you would like) and you can sign up by yourself, with   another brother, or as a husband/wife team.
If you have any questions regarding sign-ups, please contact Sis. Marjorie Bertschi or Sis. Jamie Hodel.

The Nursing Home Jr. Volunteer Summer Program -  If you have a child who is 6th grade or older and is interested in volunteering, please contact Sis. Patsy Kaeb at the Home.

“Redeeming the Time” - It has been a year since this ministry started which provides a framework for relationships and friendships to build across generations. If you are interested in adopting someone in our church or community, please sign up at either bulletin board.  For questions about “Redeeming the Time” please see Sis. Tina Leman.

Replacement of the Cooling System - The trustees have been informed that the main chiller for the church's cooling system needs to be replaced. The chiller is 50 years old and a substantial amount of maintenance money is being spent on it each year to keep it in operating condition. Even with these repairs and because of it's age, there is always a chance that it could fail in the near future. Since these continual repairs are costly and increasing from year to year, the trustees agree that it is time to replace it with a new one that will be more efficient and useful over time. It would also be reassuring to have it connected to the new control system and installed for when Roanoke hosts the conference next summer. The low bid for a replacement chiller is approx. $80,000. Since our church’s by-laws state that any expenditure over $50,000 must be approved by a vote of the congregation, the trustees will need your vote of approval to go forward with this project. The cost of a new chiller exceeds the balance in the building fund so a special collection will be needed in the near future. There is a separate ballot box for the chiller replacement located on the same table as the SS teachers ballot box. Please fill out 2 separate ballots, 1 for Sunday School teachers and 1 for the main chiller replacement.

Looking Ahead

Apostolic Christian Home for the Handicapped Job Openings - three Resident Services Directors are retiring in the coming months.  Additional information is on the bulletin board.

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