1/13/19 Announcements

Sunday 1/13 - Elder Forum Summary at 1:00 PM

Wednesday 1/16
  • Topical Bible Study - Sermon on the Mount Series - The Roanoke Church will begin a new Bible study series in January entitled "Discipleship Training Manual - The Sermon on the Mount".  We will be studying Matthew 5:1-7:29 over the course of 12 Wednesday evenings.  A Bible verse will be assigned to every topic.  Our prayer is that we will memorize these Scriptures and hide them in our hearts as we grow together in Christ.  The topics, speakers and verses will be sent in an email and available in the back hall. Please be prayerful for Bro. John Bradle who will be speaking this Wednesday on "The Beatitudes" (Matthew 5:1-12). The memory verse for that evening is: “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” Matthew 5:6
  • High School WOW at the Beers at 7:00
  • ACTIVE Boys will Meet at Commerce Bank at 6:30 - They will carpool to the HarvestCall Distribution Center in Goodfield to pack Rice Pilaf kits. If any Dads would like to go along to help, it would be greatly appreciated. They plan to bring the boys back to church by 8:30. Please contact Bro. Tyler Schick if you have any questions.

Thurs-Fri 1/17-18 -  Rummage Sale at the Home’s Multipurpose Room from 7:30-4:00 - . Everything will be for donation and all proceeds will benefit the Home.

Sunday 1/20
  • Services at Peoria Rescue Mission at 8:00 AM  -  If anyone is interested in helping with singing, please contact Bro. Tim Martin.  We will be leaving the Church parking lot at 7:20 AM, and returning before our first service.
  • Family Hymn Sing at the Home at 1:30
  • Hymn Sing at the Gridley Church at 6:30 PM

Saturday 1/26 - Ladies’ Coffee at the Fellowship Hall from 9:00 -11:00

Silver Lining Article Request – “What have you learned about experiencing peace in an unstable world?” Additional information on how to contribute to this article is on the bulletin board.

Gateway Woods Openings -  There are several opportunities for service minded individuals who desire to make an impact for Christ. Ministering to the fatherless and widows, which in our case are troubled youth and fractured families, is a part of our Church’s mission through Gateway Woods. The work is challenging, as we seek to help children and families achieve their God-given potential rooted on a firm foundation in Christ. We come to you as a national church ministry that seeks all employees from within the Brotherhood. Additional information is posted on the bulletin board.

Rotating Potluck Schedules - If you are participating in Church Rotating Potluck this year, please pick up your copy of the current schedule.  They are located on a table in the back hall.

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