7/14/19 Announcements

Sunday 7/14 
·       Welcome - We extend a special welcome to those from the Eureka Church who will be worshiping with us for the next 4 Sundays while their church is being remodeled. 
·     Sunday School Election - will be today through next Sunday.  For a sample ballot, click on the link below. 

HarvestCall Proclaim and Serve Conference in Roanoke on July 19-20 
·       Help is still needed for: 
o  3 additional homes for guests are needed along with 2 additional back ups.  If you can keep guests, please e-mail Sis. Kathy Sauder
o  1 water carrier from 1:00 -4:30 on Saturday - Please contact Sis. Marge Braker
o  E-mail words of encouragement to the speakers - cards are located on the shelf of the north hall bulletin board.
·      Registration closes on Wednesday.  You can register at:   proclaimandserve.org 
·      If you aren’t planning to register, the main sessions in the sanctuary are open to all.  The talks will be captivating. 

Saturday 8/3 - Gateway Woods Auction -  Donations are appreciated. Please contact our Gateway representative Bro. Clark Leman if you have an item to donate or would like an item purchased for you. The mission of Gateway Woods is “To honor and obey God by providing help and healing to troubled children and families who then may bless others".

Weekend of Aug 23rd
·       The Nursing Home Benefit - If you are able to donate a new item or service for the auction, please fill out one of the forms located on the lady’s bulletin board and turn it in by July 21.  If you have any questions, please contact sisters Cheryl Baurer or Kathy Knapp.
·      2019 Men’s Sing in Latty - We welcome men of any age to help make a recording to God’s glory.  Anyone interested may visit ACMenSing.org to register.

Weekend of Oct 18th - Cultivating Connections Marriage Conference by ACCFS in Morton
Marriage is often a mystery – communication, transitions, sex, parenting, conflict. Couples can spend their entire life trying to solve this mystery. The apostle Paul describes marriage as only part of a greater mystery- that is, Christ and the Church. This greater mystery involves loving as Christ loved, serving as Christ served, submitting as Christ submitted, and giving as Christ gave. Reflecting on this mystery can change our marriages.
You can register for the conference by clicking here: https://www.accounseling.org/marriageconference2019/

3 Year Old Sunday School Sign Up on Bulletin Board - This is for children who turn 3 years old by September 1st

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