12/8/19 Announcements

Sunday 12/8
  • The Sunday School Christmas Program at 12:00
  • 2020 Update for Church Phone Directory - If you have any updates (including e-mail and phone numbers) you may either fill out the form online (http://www.roanokeacchurch.org/directoryUpdate.asp), send an email (DirectoryUpdates@roanokeacchurch.org), or fill out a paper form in the North hall and drop it in the box near the bulletin board.  
  • 2020 Update for Church Dinner List - If you want your name added or taken off the dinner list, please contact Bro. Harold or Sis. Judy Sauder 
  • 2020 Update for Rotating Potluck - Today is the Final Date for Signup - Enjoy dinner and fellowship just 4 times a year with a different combination of people each time. If you are already participating you will automatically be included next year. For additional information, please contact Bro. Church/Sis. Rita Hodel and Bro. Norm/Sis. Kathy Knapp. 
  • Maintenance Fund Collection - The maintenance fund covers the day-to-day operational costs of our church

Wednesday 12/11 
  • Bible Class will meet at the Fellowship Hall at 6:15 pm for Random Acts of Kindness
  • SMC Christmas Party the Nursing Home at 6:45
  • ACTIVE Christmas Charity Gift Shopping
  • HOPE Christmas Party at Isaia’s 6:15 - 8:30

Wednesday 12/18 - “Is There Room” at 7:30  - an evening Christmas program of worship music and readings.  Included will be music from the Youth and Men's Choirs and the Prairie Choristers, as well as congregational singing. All are welcome and encouraged to invite friends and neighbors.

Christmas Cards for those on the Mission Field - boxes have been placed in the back hall if you would like your Christmas Card mailed to the Leman family and Sis. Rachel Fehr.

HarvestCall’s 2020 Winter Rebuilding Ministry in Texas from 1/5/20-3/27/20 - Skilled tradesmen AND unskilled workers are needed, as are those with a passion to share the gospel with those we serve. Register online at www.harvestcall.org

The Goodfield Distribution Center - needs an assistant coordinator. Please see Bro. Matt Sauder for more information.

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