5/24/20 Announcements

May’s Collection - ACCFS (for details, see below)

HarvestCall Special Collection -  we will be taking a special collection for the HarvestCall this week.  It has been 4 years since the last national collection for our Disaster Fund. Since then, HarvestCall has responded to numerous disasters, spending $2.1 million to rebuild homes for disaster victims in South Carolina and Texas, dispersing an additional $1.5 million in hurricane and flood relief, and providing $400,000 for famine relief.  The Disaster Fund is now severely depleted. To enable HarvestCall to respond to anticipated needs of those hurt by the Covid-19 medical and economic crises, and quickly provide help when future disasters strike, we are requesting a national church collection to replenish the Disaster Fund so that needs of hurting people beyond the capacity of the local church can be met, giving them help and hope.  Please give at harvestcall.org/disaster-fund or mail a check to Sis. Jenell Hodel or our HarvestCall Representative, Bro.Jim Braker

Wednesday 5/27 - James 5 Bible Study (Bro. Frank Sauder)

Sunday 5/31

  • Morning Services Online at 9:45
  • Bro. Luke and Sis. Lydia’s Wedding Service Online at 12:00 -. Because of social distancing restrictions, they are moving the ceremony to the parking lot with a limited number of guests remaining in their cars. They have notified by email those who are invited to the parking lot ceremony. There will be a live-stream of the ceremony on Facebook as well. They still wish to celebrate with everyone, so there will be a drive-through reception from 1:15-1:30. Enter the west parking lot and drive around the back of the church if you wish to participate. Thank you for the unending support you’ve shown us! We feel God’s love through the Church.

Wednesday 6/3 - Virtual Bible School - We are looking forward to having a virtual VBS on Wednesday evenings in June. The theme this year is: The Climb of Your Life - A Journey up the Mountain with God. All of the church is encouraged to join us. Parents of students will be receiving information via email regarding materials being provided for younger students. The service will be live streamed on our Facebook page, as well as on sermon streamer. Please remain prayerful for the speakers. We pray this will be a blessing for all of our church family. See the attached document for a summary of each evening.

Sunday 6/7 - Baccalaureate Service - Without question, the transition from high school to the next phase of life is special and important. The class of 2020 is experiencing this in an unprecedented way. In an effort to let them know how much we care, we would like to honor our senior class with a video from our church family. We would like to extend an invitation to each of you to participate in recording a short video offering a piece of advice or well wishes to our graduating class. We are looking to keep these videos between 10-30 seconds. We would like to have all videos submitted by Sunday May, 31. Once you complete your recording, please text your submission to Sis. Jamie Hodel at 309-369-5781. If you would like to participate but would like help getting a video recorded, please reach out to Sis. Laura Bradle at 309-444-6045.

Sunday 6/21 - Senior Breakfast is Cancelled - it will be rescheduled for a date when groups of 50 can be together.

Update on Reopening Church - The Trustees are working on plans for re-opening the Roanoke Church. Although under the current State of Illinois guidelines this may not happen until July, they would like to get started now in case those guidelines are modified. The first step they are taking is to survey those who attend the Roanoke church as to their plans and preferences once we are able to assemble again.

Thanks From Sis. Erma’s Family - My family would like to share our thanks and appreciation for all of you that took the time in the rain to join our Birthday parade for Mom's 100th birthday!!  It was a huge success and she enjoyed it immensely!! She now has even more memories to think upon! It was such a joy to see her smiles and  genuine love  for  each and everyone that came.  May God richly bless you for your kindness to  her!! God's love shines through His people!!

Other Ways to Serve - HeartHouse - If you normally support Hearthouse financially, please consider sending a donation. They have had to cancel the spaghetti fundraiser and the race for your heart fundraiser.   These are the main money makers for them. They are looking at alternative ways to bring in funds. You can make donations online: https://app.etapestry.com/onlineforms/WoodfordCountyHeartlineAssoci/Donation.html or send checks to: Heartline and Hearthouse, 300 Reagan Dr, Eureka, IL. 61530

Collection for ACCFS - Apostolic Christian Counseling and Family Services (ACCFS) is a servant agency of the Apostolic Christian Church of America and our elder body. Your generous support enables ACCFS to provide Christ Centered Counseling and Church Outreach Services to our church family and others as requested. Counseling services are provided on a sliding fee scale based on annual family income, so no person is denied help based on their ability to pay. You can learn more about ACCFS at: https://www.accounseling.org/  You can donate online or send checks to Sis. Jenell Hodel.

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