10/3/21 Announcements

 October’s Collection- Fellowship Hall Maintenance Fund


Sunday 10/3

  • October Prayer Gathering at 9:00 in the Intermediate Sunday School room - All are welcome

  • Moving Forward Ballots Due - Ballots can be placed in the box in the back hall or you can text or email your vote to Bro. Frank


Wednesday 10/6 

  • Presentations at Church - (Church Remodeling Project State of the Home)

  • HOPE will meet in the basement kitchen at 7:30.

  • ACTIVE boys will meet at the front doors of the fellowship hall at 7:15.

  • WOW will meet at 7:00 at Martin’s 

  • Scripture Memory Class - Our Scripture Memory program will begin again this Wednesday evening, October 6th. We are looking for individuals in our congregation who would be willing to become Scripture Partners with our Scripture Memory students. Each Scripture Memory student will be matched with a willing individual from the congregation. The goal would be to connect with your student periodically on Sundays, along with sending some notes of encouragement. Most importantly, you would commit to lifting your student up in prayer throughout this school year. This is not a partnership that would meet outside of church. We pray this program can encourage our students, giving them a special connection with someone in church they maybe otherwise wouldn't have crossed paths with. if you have questions please contact Jamie Hodel. This program is open to anyone willing to invest in our students who range in age from Kindergarten to 5th grade.Psalm 145:4: "One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts."Below is the link to sign up. Please sign up if interested by Wednesday morning October 6th.  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F0E4EA8AE29ABFD0-scripture


Thursday 10/7 - Helping Hands 9:00-3:00 - All are welcome


Sunday 11/7 - Bible Class Mission Trip Harvest Dinner at the Fellowship Hall at 5:30 - Please contact Sis. Mandy Yordy at 309-678-5484 or smyordy98@gmail.com, by 10/24 to reserve your tickets/tables.  Thank you for your support!


Saturday 11/20 - Testimonies - Ethan Hodel and Natalie Hodel


The HarvestCall Missionary Support/Prayer cards -  update packs are on the bulletin board shelf in the north hall, or pick up a complete set of cards if you don’t have one yet. Thanks for praying.


Other Ways to Serve

  • Necha Jording has worked at our nursing home for 21 years full time. Her daughter Andrea has been diagnosed with NMO which is where the immune system damages the spinal cord and the spinal cord and the nerves to the eyes. Please pray for her, her children, and her family. If you feel led to help Andrea, the website to do so is https://gofund.me/4b61b09c  If you would like to send encouragement in another form please send to Andrea Jording in care of Necha Jording, P.O. Box 81, Secor, IL 61771. For additional information, contact Sis. Penny Maher. 

  • Job Opening at the AC Bookstore in Goodfield  -  They are looking for an assistant store manager for 1-2 mornings per week. Please contact Sis. Rachel Schrock:  rschrock@onwardmedia.org

  • Wichita, KS Bolstering - If you (and your family) feel God calling you to use your gifts and talents to serve in the Wichita congregation or would like more information, please talk with your local elder and then contact, Sis. Amber Miller at amiller@harvestcall.org or 765.250.4295 (ext. 108).

  • Loving Shepherd Ministries will be hosting a meal and charity auction for the vulnerable children of Haiti, Ethiopia, and the United States on Friday, October 8, 2021, at the Five Points Washington. The meal and Silent Auction start at 5:30PM with the Live Auction starting at 6:30PM. This year, we will have a special emphasis on helping children impacted by the Haiti earthquake. If you would like to donate an item, please contact Brittany Schwind at brittany.schwind@gmail.com or 309-678-8205. The auction is a wonderful evening of fellowship and enjoyment while raising much needed funds to help the world’s most vulnerable children. And, this year, anyone who comes to the Auction for the first time will have their total auction bill matched dollar-for-dogellar by a generous donor to help even more children. There will be free childcare provided, so couples with young children are encouragede Ed do poollo to attend.

  • The Silver Lining periodically features a topical article compiled from readers’ submissions. The January 2022 topic is: "Personalizing the Great Commission in Your Own Interactions: Encouragement, Advice, and Experiences Regarding Fulfilling Matthew 28:18-20 in All Walks of Life.” How do we each fit into Jesus’ Great Commission? Let’s allow our Lord to come and speak in our individual lives, demonstrating how God gives him all power in heaven and earth. Therefore, his body moves to go and teach anyone we encounter to observe all of Christ’s commandments, so they too might experience baptism in the Trinity’s name. When we radiate God’s light in our respective corners, Jesus promises to be with us unto the end! As doers of the Word, how can we each promote Matthew 28:18-20 in our own circumstances? We invite your contribution that shares encouragement and/or experiences toward how any believer can support the Great Commission. Please submit your contribution (length = 600 words or less) on this topic to features@acsilverlining.org by November 15, 2021. For questions or assistance, email Bro. Sam Manz at that same address. Help us realize each believer’s potential to promote Christ’s powerful kingdom and presence to every soul!

  • LifePoints - Fifty years ago the doors of Apostolic Christian Home for the Handicapped, currently Apostolic Christian LifePoints, were opened. The prayers and dreams of many individuals, namely parents of children living with disabilities, became a reality.  With a mission of providing residential living arrangements in an overtly Christian environment, LifePoints continues to promote the dignity and potential of each resident, both past & present. Though the original building was beautifully designed & artistically landscaped, it wasn’t the building itself that provided the beauty. That came from individuals - residents, parents, guardians, staff, volunteers, and board members. They filled the halls and homes with a beauty which is still within them today. The 50 years were full. Full of joyful moments and celebrations. Challenging resident behaviors and dynamics. Staffing crises. Life events (births, marriages, deaths). Growth opportunities. Financial constraints. Regulatory burdens. Through it all, though not always apparent in the moment, the faithfulness and provision of our God has been consistent. Looking ahead, we do so with confidence knowing He has called each one of us into His work. Thanks for the way YOU have supported and impacted AC LifePoints along its 50 year journey. The ministry thrives because so many are willing to give so much.

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