12/27/15 Announcements

Wednesday 12/30 - No Wednesday Evening Service
Thursday 12/31 - New Year’s Service at 7:15
End of the Year Giving - As we approach the end of the year, we want to make the Roanoke congregation aware of specific ways you can directly support the work Bro. Scott and Sis Mandy Yordy and Sis. Leah Bertschi have been called to in Haiti:
  • HarvestCall Servant fund (used to support our missionaries)
  • HarvestCall MEBSH construction department (Bro.Scott's department)
  • A specialized truck for transportation (see bulletin board for this specific need)
  • gift packages, cards, letters (sign up sheet on bulletin board)
  • most importantly PRAYER
2016 Church Directory Updates - If you have any updates you can either: fill out a card located on the CD table in the North hall, fill out the on-line form at http://www.roanokeacchurch.org/directoryUpdate.asp, or send an email to DirectoryUpdates@roanokeacchurch.org.

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