12/25/16 Announcements

Wednesday 12/28 - No Wednesday Evening Services - due to New Year’s Services on Sat.

Thursday 12/29  - Apostolic Christian Skylines Church Services at 6:45  - Roanoke will be providing a minister for the service and would like to invite anyone from the congregation to attend.  If you would like to attend, please contact  Bro. Jonathon or Sis. Megan Hodel.

Friday 12/13 - Young Group Singing Shower at 7:00 for Bro. Brett & Sis. Laura - at Bro. Nate Hodel's.

 Tuesday 1/3
  • No Helping Hands in January - due to Harvest Call Family Night on Jan. 11.
  • Encouragement & Discipleship Skills by ACCFS at the Fellowship Hall at 7:00Romans 12:5 encourages us that we are to be “members one of another.” We have great opportunity in our church family to encourage and support each other.  In November, Bro. Arlan Miller came and presented on “Intentional Relationships.  Brothers Matt Kaufmann and Arlan Miller from ACCFS will be conducting this two hour workshop will give practical training for those who would like to be more purposeful in helping others in our church family and beyond.  It is open to all ages even if you were not able to attend the first presentation.

Magdalena Work Team - The LaCrosse, IN church is going to Magdalena March 24-April 1, 2017.  At this time, there are an additional 15-20 spaces that are not filled.  They would welcome others to join them.  They are leaving Friday evening, March 24th and will be returning on April 1st.  Open spaces will be filled on a first come first serve basis.  Please contact Bro. Brad Rocke at 219-508-3955 or at brocke@agri-managementsolutions.com if interested.

Nursing Home Services - This winter, if church is cancelled due to inclement weather, then the Nursing Home will also cancel their service.   

2017 Sign Up Sheets
  • Church Phone Directory - Please send any updates by filling out a card in the north hall, filling out the form on the church website, or sending an email to directoryupdates@roanokeacchurch.org
  • Nursing Home Cookies and Birthday Cakes - There is a signup on the bulletin board. This is a way you can bless the residents right from your own kitchen.
  • Dinner List - If anyone is wanting to add or remove their name from the dinner list please make the change on the list that is hanging on the bulletin board or talk to Bro. Don or Sis. Colleen Leman.

Looking Ahead

Wednesday 1/11 - HarvestCall Family Night at the Fellowship Hall

Saturday 1/21 - Save the Date for Ladies’ Coffee Hour at  9:00 at the Fellowship Hall  - for all ladies attending Roanoke church, high school age and above. More details will follow!

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