1/1517 Announcements

Sunday 1/15 - Family Hymn Sing at the Home at 1:30

Wednesday 1/18
  • Scripture Memory
  • Active - The ACTIVE boys will be going out to eat and rock climbing.  Please meet for supper at the Pizza Place at 5:30. We will bring the boys home at the end of the evening.
  • Prairie Choristers Practice - The Prairie Choristers will begin practicing Easter songs this Wednesday after church. If you would like to sing with them, email Bro. Phil at plhodel@gmail.com to be added to the email list.

Friday 1/20 - Young Group Bible Study Bro. Nate and Sis. Jamie's Home at 7:30

Saturday 1/21 - Ladies’ Coffee at  the Fellowship Hall from 9:00 - 11:00 - For all ladies attending Roanoke church, high school age and above:  Join us as we come together again for an informal morning of coffee, devotions and fellowship.  Bring a Bible verse to share that is meaningful to your life as we discuss God’s faithfulness in our lives.

Sunday 1/22 - Special Collection for the 2017 Brotherhood Conference in Roanoke

Saturday 4/22 - 2017 Midwest Food Bank Gala Dinner and Auction at the New Food Bank - The Roanoke committee is currently seeking homemade items, themed dinners or events, and business products or services as auction items. Cash donations can be used by the committee to purchase items for the gala or as Benefit sponsorships. Tickets to the event are also available for $50 per person. Tables of up to 8 seats may be reserved for groups. Deadline for donations and tickets is March 1st. Please contact Bro.Jon or Sis. Jill Fehr for ticket reservations or donations. Their contact information will be on the announcement posted in the north hall (Jon Fehr 309-275-4573(c) jonfehr@lemanauto.com, Jill Fehr 309-261-4711(c) jfehr@eureka.edu )

Nursing Home - The Home is looking for brothers who would consider giving their time to stop  in at the Home at noon to offer a prayer for our residents noon meal.  This could be an option of either 1 day a week or being on call as a sub.  Please contact Sis. Patsy Kaeb at the Nursing Home if you are interested.

Wednesday Evening Topical Bible Studies for 2017 - A Wednesday evening Bible Study schedule has been developed for 2017.  We will be having 2 consecutive series throughout the year, both on the topic of "The Gospel in the Old Testemant - Foreshadows of Christ."  The first 4-part series will begin this winter and the second 3-part series will be this fall.  We also anticipate having 3 other topics of interest during the months of April, May, and Sept.  The schedule will be emailed with the announcements and posted in the back hall.  The schedule is being sent now as a way to encourage our congregation to plan in advance for these studies.

Thank You - A special thanks to everyone who participated in the HarvestCall Family Night.

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