7/2/17 Announcements

Friday 7/7 - Young Group Get into the Word at Bro. John Bradles at 7:30

Sunday 7/9 - Servant Fund Collection - The HarvestCall Servant Fund provides us the opportunity to financially support brethren serving as missionaries in Haiti, Jamaica, and Mexico. By supporting the Servant Fund, you are supporting all of the brethren sent on behalf of HarvestCall. The majority of these brethren have full-time roles that prevent them from holding other gainful employment.  The Servant Fund provides for a consistent level of support for those who are serving. While our missionaries have many challenges as they serve, it is our goal for them not to have the added concern of financial stress. Therefore, the Servant Fund is a way for us as a brotherhood to directly support the work of our missionaries.  Our Roanoke congregation is thankful to be able to support the Yordy family through the Servant Fund. Thanks for your ongoing support of the Servant Fund. With approximately 50 missionary brethren currently serving, our financial commitment to our brothers and sisters is significant and those serving express their gratitude for your support of the cross-cultural ministries of the Apostolic Christian Church.  A list of these missionaries is posted on the North Hall bulletin board.  

Ladies' Day - Save the date for our next Ladies' Day on Saturday, September 23. We are looking forward to a day of fellowship, sharing, and encouragement for all ladies who attend Roanoke church, high school age and above. More details will be shared at a later date.

Nursing Home - The Home is accepting applications for the position of Administrator. The State of Illinois has requirements for the applicant. Please contact Bro Dan Leman or Bro Fred Janssen by email if you are interested. Their emails will be posted in the North Hall.The position will be open to our congregation until July 5. If there are no qualified applicants at that time the position will be advertised outside of our congregation. Please be prayerful that God’s will be done in selecting a new administrator.  (Dan Leman: redy2go@outlook.com,  Fred Janssen: janssencf@yahoo.com)

Conference Update: Thank you to everyone who offered to host an elder for the upcoming conference.  At this time, we have all needed accommodations for them.  The next two Sundays (July 9th and 16th), we plan to have a signup for hosting guests coming to the general conference.  If you have any questions, please see Bro. Norm or Sis. Kathy Knapp or Bro. Nate or Sis. Karel Hoffman.
Looking Ahead 
Friday/Saturday 8/25-26 - Nursing Home Benefit - There are forms located on the two bulletin boards to fill out if you are able to donate a new item or service for the auction.  It is beneficial to advertise these items ahead of time, so please have your donation forms turned in by July 10.  If you have any questions, please contact Sis. Cheryl Baurer or Sis. Kathy Knapp.

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