7/9/17 Announcements

Sunday 7/9 - Servant Fund Collection - The HarvestCall Servant Fund provides us the opportunity to financially support brethren serving as missionaries in Haiti, Jamaica, and Mexico. By supporting the Servant Fund, you are supporting all of the brethren sent on behalf of HarvestCall. The majority of these brethren have full-time roles that prevent them from holding other gainful employment.  The Servant Fund provides for a consistent level of support for those who are serving. While our missionaries have many challenges as they serve, it is our goal for them not to have the added concern of financial stress. Therefore, the Servant Fund is a way for us as a brotherhood to directly support the work of our missionaries.  Our Roanoke congregation is thankful to be able to support the Yordy family through the Servant Fund. Thanks for your ongoing support of the Servant Fund. With approximately 50 missionary brethren currently serving, our financial commitment to our brothers and sisters is significant and those serving express their gratitude for your support of the cross-cultural ministries of the Apostolic Christian Church.  A list of these missionaries is posted on the North Hall bulletin board.  

Young Group
  • Tuesday 7/11 - Roanoke Nursing Home Singing at 7:00 PM
  • Friday, July 14 -Young Group Bible Study at Bro. Tom Hoffman's at 7:30 PM
  • Saturday, July 15 -Outdoor Activities at Sis. Abby Mosers at 7:30 PM

Monday 7/17 - Nursing Home Benefit Donation Forms are Due - There is still a great need for donations for the Nursing Home Auction.  The deadline for turning in donation forms has been extended to July 17.  In light of the upcoming conference, it would be extremely helpful to those organizing the event if you could please turn the forms in on time.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and if you have any questions, contact Sis. Cheryl Baurer or Sis. Kathy Knapp.  

Sunday 7/23 - Fill the Church with Singing in Morton at 6:30 -   Morton would like an approximate number coming from Roanoke for planning purposes.  Please let Bro. Jonathan or Sis. Megan Hodel know if you can go by next Sunday 7/16.

Conference Update:
  • All Church Meeting - There will be a meeting this Wednesday (7/12) after a shortened service to inform the church about the upcoming conference.  This meeting is to give further details concerning the schedule for the conference week.
  • Hosting Guests -  Today and next Sunday (July 16), we are having signup for hosting conference guests who need overnight accommodations mainly on Thursday night of the conference week.  Currently there is a need for over 80 beds, so we will need many willing hosts.  Please signup on the lists located on the tables in the back hall. If you have any questions, please see Bro. Norm or Sis. Kathy Knapp or Bro. Nate or Sis. Karel Hoffman.
  • Ushers - There will be a meeting for all of the ushers that signed up to usher for the upcoming conference on Sunday, July 23 immediately after church in the dining room. It is important that all ushers attend.
  • Sunday School Rooms - Sunday School teachers should remove anything personal  from  the Sunday School rooms today.  Any wall hangings or such things are fine to leave.  Please also check the room used for storage where the youngest children gather.  All items in that room will need to be relocated for the conference.  If anyone has any instructions about where they want items stored, please let Bro. Greg Moser know today.  They plan to start moving things on Monday.  
  • Thursday Night Singing on 8/10 (the evening before the general brotherhood conference) there is a singing at the Fellowship Hall at 7:00.  Everyone from the Roanoke congregation is invited to attend.  If you do plan to attend, please signup on the list posted on the woman’s bulletin board.  
  • Attending the Conference - There is also a place on this list to indicate if you will attend the conference on Friday. In order to plan for meals and space, please signup here if you intend to actually be in the sanctuary during the conference, but not if you will be at church on Friday only as a worker.  If you have any questions, see Bro. Norm/Sis. Kathy Knapp or Bro. Nate/Sis Karel Hoffman.

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