7/1/18 Announcements

Wednesday 7/4 - No Wednesday Evening Services - due to 4th of July

Sunday 7/8
  • HarvestCall Servant Fund Collection - By supporting the Servant Fund, you aresupporting all of the brethren sent on behalf of HarvestCall. While our missionaries have many challenges as they serve, it is our goal for them not to have the added concern of financial stress. Therefore, the Servant Fund is a way for us as a brotherhood to directly support the work of our missionaries.
  • Peoria Rescue Mission  - The service at the Rescue Mission has been changed to August 5th instead of next Sunday (July 8).  Thanks to all who are willing to help. Any questions, please contact Bro. Tim Martin.
Friday 8/10 - Brotherhood Conference - If you have not replied yet to the Brotherhood Conference in Gridley and you plan to go, you can do that yet today by contacting Bro John Bradle or clicking on the link:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe9AbSLQf73cHw1CDLWPTahHYZhOhMT5VmwMdTxztWi5NLolw/viewform
August 24-25 - Nursing Home Benefit
  • There are forms located on the two bulletin boards to fill out if you are able to donate a new item or service for the auction. Please have these forms turned in by July 16.  If you have any questions, please contact Sis Cheryl Baurer or Sis Kathy Knapp.
  • There is whole hog sausage for sale at the Roanoke Nursing Home.  Please stop by during regular business hours.

Saturday 9/29 - Ladies' Day....Save the date
- We are looking forward to a day of fellowship, sharing, and encouragement for all ladies who attend Roanoke church, high school age and above. More details will be shared at a later date. Thank You  - Than you so much to those that donated kids clothes, shoes, and backpacks for the Renault Sunday school kids in Les Cayes, Haiti.  We appreciate the love and support you have shown to the Wray family and the Haitian children. Love, The Yordy’s

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