8/4/19 Announcements

Sunday 8/4 
·       ACCFS Collection
·        2020 Junior and Senior Mission Trip Meeting - There will be an informational meeting in the cafeteria following afternoon services for all Junior and Senior students and pare8/nts. If you are not able to attend this meeting, please contact Bro. Brad or Sis. Jill Sauder.

Wed-Fri 8/7-9 - Pray for the Conference In Goodfield - The elders meet on Wed - Thurs, Thurs   evening, is the elder/minister meeting and Fri  is the General Conference

Weekend of Aug 23rd - The Nursing Home Benefit
·      There are sign-up sheets on the bulletin board for:  
o  Pies for Friday evening dinner and Saturday lunch stand.
o  Helpers for the pies
o  Pop donations 
o  Clean-up committee
·      Farmer’s Market. Produce can be dropped Friday afternoon/evening
  • Baked Goods - The congregation is also encouraged to bake items for the bake sale. Donations for the bake sale can be dropped off in the Country View Lobby from 12:00-3:00 on Friday, August 23

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