2/2/20 Announcements

Sunday 2/2
  • Brothers’ Prayer Gathering at 9:15 in the Intermediate Room
  • February Collection - HarvestCall General Fund
  • 2020 Phone Directory - are located in boxes at each of the main entrances into the church
  • 2020 Schedule Cards - are located in the bookcase in the North Hall.

Wednesday 2/5
  • Scripture Memory Class at 7:15
  • ACTIVE at 7:15
  • HOPE - has been rescheduled for the 12th.  They will meet in the church kitchen. 
  • WOW at the Martin’s at 7:00

Thursday 2/6 - Helping Hands from 9:00-3:00. All are welcome!

Sunday 2/9
  • Family Hymn Sing at the Home at 1:30
  • Annual All-Church Potluck and Family Sing at 4:30 at the Fellowship Hall - Meat and table service will be provided. A donation to cover the cost of the meat will be accepted. Please bring a covered dish. Sign-up sheets are posted in the north hall and by the ladies restroom for those attending. To order the proper amount of meat, please sign up by Wednesday February 5.  Parking assistance will be available for those who would like help parking their cars.
  • ACYF in Goodfield

Saturday 2/15 - Testimonies on Saturday at 7:00 with Baptisms on the 16th -  Charity Feucht, Destyne King, Dalton Logan

Monday 3/2 - Church Cleaning - This is a date change from the schedule card

Monday 3/9 - Fellowship Hall Cleaning - This is a date change from the schedule card

Sunday 3/15 - Invite-a-Guest - We will be hosting Invite-a-Guest on Sunday, March 15th.  All are welcome to participate by inviting a guest, couple, or family to Roanoke church for the day.  There will be a potluck supper at 4:00 at the Fellowship Hall, with a singing promptly following the supper.  Sign-up sheets are posted on the bulletin board in the north hall. Any questions can be directed to Sis. Jamie Hodel. Please mark your calendars and invite others to worship with us. 

Silver Lining - Request for Articles:  “What have you learned about ways to keep your daily time in the Word and prayer from getting stale?” For additional information, please see the notice on the bulletin board. 

The Home has a Country View apartment available - If you are interested, please contact Bro. Nate. 

Other Ways to Learn and Serve
  • Saturday 4/18 - The 2020 Midwest Food Bank Gala Dinner and Auction -  The Roanoke committee is currently seeking homemade items, themed dinners or events, and business products or services as auction items. Cash donations can be used by the committee to purchase items for the gala or as Benefit sponsorships. Tickets to the event are also available for $75 per person. Tables of up to 8 seats may be reserved for groups. Deadline for donations and tickets is March 1st. Please contact Bro. Jon or Sis. Jill Fehr for ticket reservations or donations. Their contact information will be on the announcement posted in the north hall. (Jon Fehr 309-275-4573(c) jonfehr@lemanauto.com  Jill Fehr 309-261-4711(c) jfehr@eureka.edu )
  • Saturday 4/18 - ACMF Meeting at the Goodfield Fellowship Center - The Apostolic Christian Medical Fellowship (ACMF) Meeting is for health care providers and their spouses. If you are listed on the HarvestCall Health Care Provider list, you will receive an invitation with a Google sign-up list via email. For health care providers who are on the provider list, we appreciate your responses by March 28, 2020. For health care providers not on the list, you can contact Sis. Lori Wiegand llwiegand@gmail.com if you plan to attend.  All church associated health care providers are invited and encouraged to attend this event.

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