3/29/20 Announcements

March’s Collection -LifePoints - You can make donations to LifePoints by sending your checks to Sis. Jenell Hodel or online (http://roanokeacchurch.org/pages/giving/).  

All Church Activities have been Cancelled - None of the Easter activities/programs (including the Sunday School Program) will be rescheduled. The following church events have been postponed and will be rescheduled for a later date:

  • Cemetery Cleanup 
  • Communion 

Holy Week - Although we will not be able to gather together as a church family, plans are being made for how we can still honor Jesus’ last week, which includes Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter.  You can listen to the services by phone, AC Central or watch on FaceBook. 

  • Palm Sunday Service on 4/5 at 9:45
  • Good Friday Service on 4/10 at 7:15
  • Easter Sunday Service on 4/12 at 9:45

Saturday 4/25 - The LifePoints Gospel Sing- Although you will not be  able to travel to FivePoints to listen to it, we have an exciting alternative planned! At 5 p.m. on Saturday, April 25th, we will be releasing a virtual Gospel Sing on our website (www.midwestgospelsing.org). The video will feature a special performance by The Anderson Family, the testimony of a Timber Ridge resident and her sister, and an important message from one of our Board members. Donations can still be made online to support the costs of one unfunded resident at LifePoints. These are not the most ideal circumstances, but we are still excited to come together virtually during this time of social distancing! Thank you for continuing to remember LifePoints in your prayers.

Helping Hands - If you need help or know of someone who needs help with getting groceries or medicine or any other physical need, please contact:Joan Swartz 309-210-5794, Rita Schwind 309-645-2399, or Stacy Leman 309-241-0581

Bro. Matt Feucht’s Temporary Leave from Minister Duties - Bro. Matt is taking a temporary leave from his minister responsibilities due to his increased workload at Skylines.  He is thankful for everyone’s prayers and understanding during this time and he looks forward to when he is able to once again serve the Roanoke church.

Updates from the Mission Field

  • Bro. Fred and Sis. Jodi Leman and Family - “Things have changed very rapidly for us here, as they have for you all as well! A few days ago Australia shut its borders, which means no more international flights from AU. Today we learned that the only other option for international travel (Singapore) from PNG is closing tomorrow. So there are currently no options for anyone on Centre to get out of the country anymore. Australians are still able to get back in and Wycliffe AU has asked that all Australians come back, it is not mandatory but most Australians are going back to their homes. We have not been told anything by Wycliffe US or SIL International about mandatory returns to our home countries. And now there are no options anyway. On Tuesday, the PNG government is going to be putting a ban on all domestic travel inside PNG. We are doing all the flying we can tomorrow to try to get the highest priority people back to Ukarumpa. We feel very peaceful about where we are at and that we are in God's hands! There are some possible situations that could arise here in PNG that we would really appreciate prayers for. In general terms, pray that the spread of COVID19 would not be blamed on expats living here. Pray that nationals opinion and view of expats would remain positive. We are in turn praying for you all back home!” 
  • Sis. Rachel Fehr- “This sure is a crazy and uncertain time! Yet exciting in the shaking the Lord is doing to the entire world. The UAE is closing in like the rest of the world. All flights in and out of the country are cancelled for at least the next two weeks, we are not to leave home except in necessity, and we now have an 8pm curfew. Our school has gone to home-based learning so it has been challenging figuring out how to create lessons online to reach my student's needs. I SO miss the interactions I had with students and staff on a daily basis, yet working on what that looks like online. The body has been encouraging here as the church sends out online sermons and has weekly prayer online meetings. It truly is incredible the difference followers have in trust, assurance, and ultimate peace of a GOOD and LOVING sovereign Father. Amidst the uncertainty of the times, John and I are still going forward with plans to get married in the UAE, Lord willing! If the Lord grants us to do so, we will have a reception in Roanoke on July 25th the church is invited to. We hold plans loosely, yet confident in the Lord's good hand wherever and whenever it may lead.”

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