November’s Collection - Gateway Woods


Sunday 11/22 - 9:00 Service Only

  • masks should be worn into and out of church (when seated they can be removed)

  • seating will be on every 3rd bench 

  • congregational singing will be replaced with a special group

  • Discontinuation of singing in Sunday School including canceling of the Christmas Program

  • All outside church activities (including youth groups and young group) are cancelled through the end of November. 


Thursday 11/26 - Thanksgiving Day Service at 9:45 - There will be no Wed. evening service 


Wednesday 12/2 - Annual Business Meeting -  Ballots will be e-mailed out this week. For those who cannot be at the business meeting you can mail or e-mail your ballot to Bro.Frank. He must receive them by 7:00 PM on 12/2 for them to be counted. 


Sunday 12/6 - Annual All Church Christmas Caroling is Cancelled -  however, Sis. Kathy Moser is willing to serve as a coordinator for family groups, etc. that would like to go caroling on the 6th. All carolling will be done outside. If you are interested in participating please contact Sis. Kathy Moser by next Sunday at: tkmoserte@frontier.com or 657-7407.


2021 Updates

  • Church Lunch - Anyone who wants their name added to or taken off the church dinner list should contact Bro. Harold or me.Sis. Judy Sauder. A current list is posted on the bulletin board by the ladies restroom for your review.

  • Church Directory - If you have any updates (including e-mail and phone numbers) you may either fill out the form online (http://www.roanokeacchurch.org/directoryUpdate.asp), send an email (DirectoryUpdates@roanokeacchurch.org), or fill out a paper form in the North hall and drop it in the box near the bulletin board.  

  • Onecallnow - We are using OneCallNow more and more as we communicate with the church.  Email is the most effective way to get larger announcements and information out.  If you have email but are not on our list or thought you were but are not receiving emails, please contact Sis. Jenell Hodel at cjhodel@gmail.com.  

    • Prayer List - we do not automatically put people on to receive prayer requests.   If anyone would like to have their email added  to the prayer list, please contact Sis. Jenell Hodel 

    • Member List - If you did not receive a notice about accessing our recent testimony through onecallnow, please contact Sis. Jenell Hodel 

    • Texts/Voice Messages - If you prefer receiving texts over voice messages, follow the instructions below to receive texts:

      • 1.       On your cell phone, open a new text message.

      • 2.       In the To or Send textbox, type 22300

      • 3.       In the body of the message, type  ALERT

      • 4.       Click send

  • Rotating Potluck - on hold due to COVID


Birth - Chloe Jane Lindberg - She was born on 11/8 to Bro. Matthew and Sis. Renae Lindberg


Ways to Serve our National Church 

  • HarvestCall Winter Rebuilding Ministry in Florida - Registrations Opens on 11/23 - Forty volunteers are needed each week starting January 10, 2021 and continuing through March 31, 2021. Skilled tradesmen AND unskilled workers are needed, as are those with a passion to share the gospel with those we serve. Strict COVID-19 risk mitigation practices will be practiced. Compliance is required. Those interested in participating should read the full COVID requirements posted on the website prior to registration. You can register at:  www.harvestcall.org

  • Wichita, KS Apostolic Christian Church - is seeking bolstering support.  If you feel God calling you to use your gifts and talents to serve in the Wichita congregation or would like more information, please talk with your local elder and then contact, Sis. Amber Miller at amiller@harvestcall.org or 765.250.4295 (ext. 108). They have identified the following needs and invite the brotherhood to pray with them for:

    • Families, couples and singles, who have a heart to support a small church, to relocate and become part of their church family. There is a special need for young couples with children and for middle-aged couples with teenage children. 

    • Sunday School teachers and song leaders to use their gifts and talents for God’s glory in their congregation. 

    • Godly wisdom to know how to continue outreach into the Wichita community. 

    • Unity and love within the church as they work together.

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