7/18/21 Announcements

 July’s Collection- Nursing Home 


Sunday 7/18

  • 50th Wedding Anniversary - Bro. Steve and Sis. Shirley Leman



Friday 7/23 - Open House for the Stollers from 6:00 - 8:00  - The church family is invited to an open house at the Goodfield Fellowship hall Gathering Room for Daniel & Larissa Stoller and their family. Join us for an ice cream social and to give well wishes before they head out on a new adventure in Georgia! Please rsvp your groups number to Sara Schick via text or email (309-573-8107, saraschick gmail.com) by Sunday July 18th.


Wednesday 8/4 - An Evening of Song Worship  - congregational singing begins at 7:15 p.m. The Prairie Choristers will be singing, and there will be some congregational singing with the choir.


3 year old Sunday School Class - The signup sheet for the 3 year old Sunday School class is up on the bulletin board for kids who will be 3 by September 1st.


Lost and Found - The lost and found shelves are getting full, so please check them to see if any items belong to you.


Next Steps for Moving Forward - In June we returned to our pre-Covid practices. We would now like to get input from the entire church (members, friends, and Bible Class students). Previously, numerous  individuals had submitted thoughts to the Planning Committee. Even if you have shared input in the past, we ask you to resubmit your thoughts on this new form. To fill out the form online, click here:  http://www.roanokeacchurch.org/pages/survey/  If you prefer to write out your answers you can pick up a form in the back hall and then place it in the designated box. Please sign your form so we can contact you if additional clarity is needed.  All forms should be returned by Sunday, August 1st. If you have any questions, please contact Bro. Bill Leman. 


New Convert - Amanda Durrand, daughter of Tom and Sis. Marsha Durrand



Other Ways to Serve and Learn

  • Gateway Woods Auction on 8/7- This year will be a hybrid in-person/online auction. If you desire to donate items for the auction we will get them out to Gateway for you or there is an Amazon Wishlist if you would rather purchase and ship straight to campus. As always we need prayer and volunteers as well so feel free to sign up!  Please contact Bro. Dustin or Sis. Mandy Hodel for information.

  • Nursing Home Staffing Needs:

    • CNAs and Nurses

    • Activity Aids Needed - The Home is looking for activity aides to assist residents with a variety of scheduled activities.  

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