7/4/21 Announcements

 July’s Collection- Nursing Home 

Wednesday 7/7 - Guiding Principle G - Bro. John (“We believe the Bible is true, timeless, and inspired of God.”)


Wednesday 7/14 - Guiding Principle I - Bro. Sam (“We freely give as we have freely received, recognizing our lives and resources belong to God.“)


Wednesday 8/4 - An Evening of Song Worship  - congregational singing begins at 7:15 p.m. The Prairie Choristers will be singing, and there will be some congregational singing with the choir.


2022 Haiti Work Team - The past couple of years we have not been able to send a work team to Haiti for construction work due to unrest and COVID restrictions.  We would like to gauge the level of interest from the church for planning a team to go in February of 2022 so we can let the MEBSH construction department know our plans.  If we do not have enough individuals interested in filling up a team we may offer up our week to one of our other church congregations.  No commitment is needed at this time but if you have any interest in joining the team for 2022 please let Bro. Jonathan Hodel know by July 14th. 


Farewell- Bro. Dick and Sis. Nelma Eastman have moved to Morton to be with their children


Birth - Titus Jon (T.J.) Hoffman born on 7/2 to Bro. Nick and Sis. Natalie


Other Ways to Serve and Learn

  • HarvestCall Proclaim and Serve Conference at the Peoria Church on 7/9-10 - Registration is required: proclaimandserve.org

  • July 11th - Open House at the new Apostolic Christian LifePoints Administration Building -  we would like to invite all who are interested in walking through the new building immediately following Sunday services until 3:30 PM. 

  • 5th Annual Haiti Dairy Benefit Dinner in Tremont on 7/17 Register now for the 5th Annual Haiti Dairy Benefit Dinner (mailchi.mp)

  • Gateway Woods Auction on 8/7- This year will be a hybrid in-person/online auction. If you desire to donate items for the auction we will get them out to Gateway for you or there is an Amazon Wishlist if you would rather purchase and ship straight to campus. As always we need prayer and volunteers as well so feel free to sign up!  Please contact Bro. Dustin or Sis. Mandy Hodel for information.

  • Nursing Home Staffing Needs:

    • CNAs and Nurses

    • Activity Aids Needed - The Home is looking for activity aides to assist residents with a variety of scheduled activities.  

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