1/15/2012 Announcements

1/15/2012 Announcements
Wednesday 1/18 - Minister Ballots
     Minister ballots are due on Wednesday the 18th.

Wednesday 1/18 - Student Activities
     ACTIVE - The ACTIVE boys will meet this Wednesday night  during church.  Boys should meet in the Bible Class room to do their project.
     High School - Our high school Youth Group will meet this Wednesday nigh at 7 PM at Bro. Scott and Sis. Bev Luginbuhls house.

Saturday 1/21 - Testimonies at 7:00 PM
     Lord willing, we are planning to hear the testimonies of Heidi Bradle, Brooke Marcille, and Lauren Schroeder

Sunday 1/22 - Baptisms

Assistant Coordinator for the Material Aid and Distribution Center
     The Material Aid and Distribution Center in Goodfield is seeking a Brother to volunteer for the position of Assistant Coordinator. This position consists of assisting the Lead Coordinator in managing the distribution of food, clothing, furniture, medical equipment, etc. If you are interested in more information of this important work, please contact our church representative, Bro. Rick Gerber.

Rice Pilaf Food Kits
     The Goodfield Distribution Center now has the capability to make Rice Pilaf kits for those in need.  This activity would be great Sunday School students with adult supervision or other groups.  Within the next few months, the Distribution Center plans to also make this activity feasible at off site locations. If you are interested in helping in this way, please contact Bro. Rick Gerber.

Winter Small Group Bible Studies - “Identifying and Developing Your Spiritual Gifts
     Our small group Bible studies have been a blessing and learning experience. To keep us all growing and in the Word, a winter/spring session on “Identifying and Developing Your Spiritual Gifts” is being planned. Each member and friend of our Roanoke church is again encouraged to participate. The session will begin on February 17 with a one evening teaching seminar by Bro. Kevin Knapp and will be followed up by 3 sessions of small group studies, with each session lasting approximately 1hrour and 15 minutes. You may sign up on the bulletin board in the back hall or by e-mailing Brock Gerber.    bjgerber@mediacombb.net
     Additional Small Group Studies
     We are again offering the studies that we have done in the past, if there are enough that sign up. The additional studies will start after the Spiritual gifts study and are: James, Titus, Philippians, Biblical Financial Study By Crown Financial, and Spiritual Headship for men.  

Bro. Rich Knapp
     A greeting card schedule has been organized for Bro. Rich Knepp.  A signup sheet is on the women’s bulletin board for anyone interested in sending a note of encouragement.  Information is attached.
Food Donations for Baptisms
     There is a sign up sheet on the bulletin board for food donations for the baptisms on Sun. Jan. 22nd.

Bro Rich Knepp Update - Cards and notes of encouragement can be sent to Bro. Rich and Sis. Janet at University of Chicago Bernard Mitchell Hospital, 6 NW – Richard Knepp, 5841 S. Maryland Ave. MC 6041, Chicago, IL  60637-1470

Fellowship Hall Reservations - For your convenience, a calendar showing the dates the Fellowship Hall is reserved has been added to the church website.  It currently shows all reservations for the 2012 calendar year with just the word “RESERVED”.  We hope that this will be useful to you if you are planning an event and want to know whether or not the Fellowship Hall is available.  To request a reservation or for more information you can either send an email to FellowshipHall@roanokeacchurch.org or call Bro. Mike and Sis. Nancy Hoffman.

Prairie Choristers/Youth Choir - The Prairie Choristers and the Youth Choir will begin practicing soon.  Lord willing, they plan to sing at the Easter Morning Service and the National Day of Prayer Service (Thursday, May 3).  If you have been thinking about singing with either group, now would be a good time to begin.  Please send an email to Phil Hodel at plhodel@gmail.com
     YOUTH CHOIR - is open to members and friends from 3rd grade to Senior in High School. Practices are held on Sunday mornings at 9:30.
     PRAIRIE CHORISTERS - is open to all members and converts. Practices are held Wednesday evenings after church and end at 9:45.

Church website information: roanokeacchurch.org
     Church directory changes should be sent to:   rac_directory@frontier.com
     2012 Spiritual Teachings Schedule:  http://roanokeacchurch.org/Documents/Spiritual%20Teaching.pdf
     World Relief winter work projects in Cullman, Alabama (south of Athens) and Bastrop, Texas:  http://www.acworldrelief.org/winter-work-projects-2012/