6/30/2013 Announcements

Sunday 6/30
Sunday School Picnic at the Roanoke Park Building at 4:30
Brotherhood Conference Registration Deadline - The 2013 Brotherhood Conference will be held in Fairbury on Friday, August 9th.  Please sign up on the bulletin board by today.

Monday 7/1 - Apostolic Christian Men's Hymn Sing Registration Deadline
For additional information please contact Bro. Mel Hohulin or refer to the announcement on the bulletin board.  You can register at:  www.ac mensing.com

Tuesday 7/2 - Helping Hands from 9:00 - 12:00

Wednesday 7/3 - Wednesday Evening Services at 7:00 PM
This Wednesday evening, services will start at 7:00 PM so there won't be a conflict with our community's fireworks

Sunday 7/7 - Servant Fund Collection

University of Illinois Student Welcome
If you or someone you know will be attending the University of Illinois or Parkland College in the fall, please e-mail them your name and e-mail address at uiucyg@gmail.com. Additional information is also located on the bulletin board.

Nursing Home Benefit
The Nursing Home Benefit will be held on August 24th. There are forms on the 2 bulletin boards to fill out if you are able to donate a new item or a service. It is very beneficial to advertise the items ahead of time. In order to do this, please have your forms filled out by July 14th. If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Knapp or Lynne Hodel.

Haiti Missionaries
Bro. Scott and Sis. Mandy Yordy's Family plan to move to Haiti in early September to support our church's work.  Let's keep them and their children in our prayers during this time of transition.

Looking Ahead: 

Saturday 8/3 - Gateway Woods Auction
The 2013 Gateway Woods Auction will be held Saturday, August 3.  This is a primary fundraiser for the work at Gateway Woods, and its success depends heavily on donated items from our congregations.  Please consider donating items for the sale.  There is information posted on the bulletin board about what has and has not sold well in the past.  Items need to be registered and tagged by late July.  Volunteers are also needed the week of the sale and on sale day.  Contact bro. Brad and sis. Patty Hodel or check the bulletin board for more information.

Friday 8/9 - Apostolic Christian Church Conference at Fairbury

Fri/Sat 8/23-24 - Nursing Home Benefit

Sat/Sun 8/24-25 - Apostolic Christian Men's Hymn Sing at Peoria

Fort Scott World Relief Project
This spring, Fort Scott had extensive hail damage.  Bro. Chris Wuthrich is heading up a World Relief Project to repair roofs in Fort Scott.  Work teams are being assembled to assist with this work which will begin in July and go into the fall.  If you are interested in volunteering on a work team, please contact Bro. Jim Braker.

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