5/25/14 Announcements

Sunday 5/25 - World Relief Collection

Wednesday 5/28 - Topical Bible Study -  “The Healings of Jesus” by Bro. Daren Metz

VBS - VBS will be from June 2nd to the 6th.  Our first VBS speaker will be Bro. Scott Yordy.  
If you have specific questions for Bro. Scott or Sis. Mandy that you would like for him to talk about,  please write it down on the note cards located in the back hall.  Money collected during VBS will be for a roofing project in Haiti. SIgn up sheets are posted on the bulletin board for the following:
  • All incoming 3 year olds
  • Student guests (so that the craft and snack people can plan accordingly)
  • Teachers (couples or singles)
  • Craft Workers
  • Food
  • Table waiters

VBS Topics
  • Mon. 6/2:      Bro. Scott and Sis. Mandy Yordy (at Fellowship Hall)
  • Tues. 6/3:      Plunge into Worship - Bro. Mark Zimmerman
  • Wed. 6/4:     Plunge into Courage - Bro. Jed Rocke
  • Thurs. 6/5:      Plunge into Faith - Bro. Matt Kaufmann
  • Fri. 6/6:      Plunge into Service - Bro. Kent Heimer

Collection of New and Gently Used Household Items -  During VBS there will also be a collection of household items for the Haitian workers at Bonn Finn hospital. Items such as bedding, bowls, cups and saucers, silverware, battery clocks, towels are an idea. The missionaries have a "tag sale" 2 or 3 times a year for the workers to help out with the meager incomes the workers earn. Boxes will be in the foyers during VBS to collect these items. Additional information is on the bulletin board.  If you have any questions, please contact sisters Gina and Kim Luginbuhl.

Friday 6/13 - Father-Son Campout at Comlara Park - The camp will be at the group MRO (same place as last year). There are no age restrictions.  If your father or son is unable to attend, you are still welcome to come fellowship.  If you are uncomfortable sleeping at the campsite overnight, come for the evening and return for breakfast.  If you have any questions, please contact Bro. Robey Shuck.

Sunday School Teacher Election - Intermediate teachers will be Brothers: Jay Braker, Matt Kaufman and Jason Knepp.  Bible Class teachers will be brothers:  Jon Fehr and Andy Luginbuhl.

Fellowship Hall Chairs - Some of the chairs in the Fellowship Hall have been replaced and there are approximately 130 of the gray, padded, stackable chairs that need a home.  If interested in obtaining some of these chairs, contact Bro. Russ Leman.  There is no charge for the chairs, but donations would be appreciated.

Looking Ahead

Wednesday 6/18 -  WR Child Sponsorship Program at 7:00 p.m. at the Fellowship Hall.

Jr. Volunteer Summer Program - The Nursing Home is again offering the Jr. Volunteer program to start for the summer.  Please call the nursing home if you have a student 6th grade or older that would be interested in volunteering this summer.

World Relief Washington Cleanup - Volunteers are needed for the continuing cleanup effort in Washington every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  More information is on the bullitin board and at the WR website:  http://www.acworldrelief.org/washington-registration/

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