6/22/14 Announcements

Sunday 6/22 - Bible Fund Collection - Please make checks out to the Apostolic Christian Church with Bible Fund on the memo line.

Saturday 6/28 - Tornado Cleanup in Washington - We would like to put together a group from Roanoke for help in Washington.  The work will consist of walking yards and cleaning up small pieces of debris so this would fit almost anyone capable.  Volunteers must be 14 years or older.  The group will be meeting at church at 7AM on that day.  Please contact Bro. Jonathan Hodel if you are able to attend.

Sunday 6/29 - Senior Breakfast at the Fellowship Hall at 8:30 -  All Bible Class students, converted seniors, parents of seniors, Bible class teachers and their wives are invited to attend.

Friday 8/8 - Brotherhood Conference in Lester Iowa - If you plan attending the Brotherhood Conference please sign up on the bulletin board no later than next Sunday 6/29

Saturday 8/23 - Nursing Home Benefit - There are forms located on the two bulletin boards to fill out if you are able to donate a new item or service for the auction.  It is beneficial to advertise these items ahead of time, so please have your donation forms turned in by July 13.

U of I/Parkland Community College- If you or someone you know will be attending the U of I or Parkland Community College this fall, please let them know at:  UIUCYG@gmail.com   Additional information is posted on the bulletin board.

Mission/Work Opportunities
  • Roanoke Nursing Home - The Home currently has positions open for nurses. If you know of anyone who is interested please apply online or contact Bro. Richard Isaiah or Sis. Megan Hodel.
  • Gateway Woods Openings - There are job openings for alternate houseparents, a teacher, a foster care case manager and a homebased worker.  Additional information is posted on the bulletin board.

Looking Ahead

Saturday 8/2 - Gateway Woods Auction -  Check the bulletin board or contact Bro. Brad or Sis. Patty Hodel for more information.

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