2/26/17 Announcements

Sunday 2/26 - Collection for the Home for the Handicapped

Monday 2/27 - Deadline  for the National Church Outreach Ministry Survey  - Anyone who attends one of our churches is encouraged to complete this survey.  A link to the survey was e-mailed with the announcements. It will take between 10-20 minutes to be completed online.  Paper copies are available in the north hall for those who do not have internet access.

Wednesday 3/1
  • Deadline for Tickets and Donations to Midwest Food Bank Dinner and Auction - This will be held on 4/22.  Contact person is Bro. Jon and Sis. Jill Fehr
  • Deadline for Registration for Sister’s Heart Women’s Singing/Recording at Princeville This will be held on 4/1. Contact person is Sis. Lydia Bertschi.
  • Youth Programs
    • Scripture Memory Class
    • H.O.P.E.
    • High School WOW - 7:00 PM at Bro. Chad Martin’s
  • Topical Bible Study -  The Gospel in the Old Testament, Foreshadows of Christ
    • 3/1 - Judges -  Bro. Byron Stoller (Gridley)
    • 3/8 - David - Bro. Stephen Baner (Gridley)

Friday 3/3/ - Young Group at Bro John Bradle's at 7:30 for Get in the Word.

Saturday 3/4 - Annual Sunday School Spaghetti Supper -The annual Spaghetti Supper supports all the ongoing activities for the entire Sunday School.  Please check the bulletin board for a few remaining food donations

Sunday 3/5
  • Collection for the Nursing Home
  • All Church Potluck and Hymn Sing at 4:30 at the Fellowship Hall - A new sign-up sheet has been posted (by the ladies lounge in the North hall).  Please sign up by Wednesday March 1 in order for the correct amount of meat to be ordered. Meat and table service will be provided, please bring a covered dish to share.  All are welcome!

Monday 3/6 - Church Cleaning at 6:00 PM - If you are unable to help Monday evening, you can come Monday during the day.

Saturday 4/8 - Making Health Care Decisions at the Gridley Fellowship Hall  9:00 - 11:00  - The presentation will cover health care choices, end of life decisions and help brethren navigate through these many decisions.  Many times , we are faced with a sudden change in health. It’s important to discuss health care decisions before it happens.   We encourage seniors and children of aging parents to come.  More information and a signup sheet  is posted on the bulletin board.    Contact Sis. Debbie Fischer or Sis. Karen Leman for more information.

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