10/11/20 Announcements

October’s Collection - Fellowship Hall Maintenance Fund

Sunday 10/11 - 10:30 Service - Pre-Communion Message - All are welcome.


Wednesday 10/14

  • HOPE & ACTIVE  from 7:00 - 8:30 - A worship night at Bro. Jonathan and Sis. Megan Hodel’s home. 

  • WOW at 7:00 - They will meet outdoors at the Beer’s home. Bring a lawn chair. 


Sunday 10/21 - Next Phase - The main change will be moving indoors and lengthening our fellowship time.  Our start time of 9:00 for services and Sunday School will remain the same. Fellowship time will be from 10:00-10:45, Singing at 10:45 and the second service beginning at 11:00. Additional details will be announced on Wednesday. 


Wednesday 10/21 - Mida Fehr’s Testimony/Baptism at 2:00 - Since she is a resident at the Eureka Home this will be private. If you would like to attend, please contact Bro. Frank


Sunday 10/25 - Communion at 6:00 PM - Details for Communion are attached to the e-mailed announcement


October 31: Harvest Party from 7:00-8:30 for all Sunday School students (3 year old through 8th grade) -  This will be held in the church basement starting in the intermediate room with socially distancing and masking in place to follow guidelines similar to the School. The young group plans to put on a skit with games/activities/singing to follow. Each student is asked to bring 1 pound of individually wrapped candy.


Thursday 11/5 - 7 Hospital Lumiere's Virtual Benefit Auction -  Auction items should be in by Oct. 31. For more information or to donate an item or service, visit the HarvestCall website or the auction website at: https://www.32auctions.com/HospitalLumiere


Wednesday 11/11 - Megan Hodel’s Testimony and Baptism


The Sunday School - We wanted to make the church family aware the Sunday School Students are donating their money for a water well in Haiti. We have encouraged the kids to donate some of their own money, or do some jobs for parents or grandparents to raise money.  Within the first month of Sunday School, they have already  raised $565 of their $2200 goal.


College Student Care Packages - As a church body we would like to remember our college student's by praying for them and encouraging them by sending them a small care package. This has been a huge blessing to the students in the past. If you would like to participate, you can pick up an envelope from the back hall bulletin board regarding your college students name and information.


Update on Bro. Josh Moser- He has arrived safely in Antarctica. His email address is: joshmoser92@gmail.com. You can mail letters to him at: Josh Moser, PSC 769 Box 700, 

APO AP 96599-9998.  Flat mail should reach him in 2-3 weeks. No packages please as they take too long and may not be sent at all depending on the amount of necessary supplies that must be flown in.


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