10/4/20 Announcements

October’s Collection - Fellowship Hall Maintenance Fund

Sunday 10/4 - 10:30 Service - The Trinity -  Many people imagine God as they want him to be.  We must worship God as He is Is and not as we imagine.  Our One God exists in three Persons - the Trinity, which is a core doctrine of Christianity.  Lack of understanding of the Trinity can undermine our faith.


Wednesday 10/7

  • Nursing Home Presentation - This will be at church at 7:15

  • HOPE will meet in the church kitchen at 7:15. 

  • ACTIVE will meet in Bible class room at 7:30.

  • Scripture Memory Class is for students in Kindergarten thru 5th Grade. Children should arrive between 7:15 and 7:30 to the main assembly room in the basement. 

  • When ACTIVE, HOPE, and Scripture Memory are gathering in church, they plan to follow the public school's COVID protocol.  


Sunday 10/11 - 10:30 Service - Pre-Communion Message - All are welcome.


Sunday 10/25 - Communion at 6:00 PM 


College Student Care Packages - As a church body we would like to remember our college student's by praying for them and encouraging them by sending them a small care package. This has been a huge blessing to the students in the past. If you would like to participate, you can pick up an envelope from the back hall bulletin board regarding your college students name and information.


Permission to Videotape SMC and Sunday School Students - The students are planning to make a video tape of our youth singing for the Nursing Home.  If you do not want your students videotaped, please contact Sis. Jamie Hodel.


Other Ways to Serve - The Silver Lining has been featuring special topical sections with submissions from our  readers. You are encouraged to contribute. The next topic is: How has your walk of  faith been enriched by fellowshipping with believers of other generations? One of the distinctive blessings of our brotherhood is the opportunity for cross generational friendships as young, middle-aged, and old worship together and  fellowship together each week. Let’s encourage one another with stories of how this  has touched our lives! Please send your contributions (length: no more than 600 words) on this topic to  features@acsilverlining.org by November 16, 2020. For questions or assistance,  contact Bro. Sam Manz at the email address above. 

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