5/27/2012 Announcements

Sunday 5/27 – World Relief Collection
            Our opportunity to give today is to support the many project and programs of World Relief.

Sunday 5/27 - Due Date for the Journey Bag Project for Foster Children
Today all items for the Journey Bag Project for Foster Children are due.  Thank you for your support of this project.

Saturday 6/2 and Sunday 6/3 - Testimonies and baptisms
This Saturday evening we will have the opportunity to hear the testimonies of Mindy Bradle and Jena Moser.  Testimonies will begin at 7:00.  Lord willing we look forward to baptisms next Sunday.

Sunday 6/3 – Sign up sheet – Food for baptisms
            Sign up sheets are on the bulletin board for help next Sunday with food donations and waiting tables.

June 4th - 8th - VBS
Various sign up sheets for 3 year old students, craft helpers, food donations, and waitresses are on the bulletin board.

Sunday June 17th – Senior Breakfast
On Sunday, June 17th there will be a breakfast for Bible Class graduating seniors, converted seniors, and all their parents.  Please contact Sis. Linda Pfister to offer assistance.

Looking Ahead:  

VBS - June 4th - 8th
Due to some organizational changes, the sign up sheets are different than in the past. 
     Student sign up  - For planning purposes, please sign up your child and any other visitors that plan to attend. We would also like to welcome all incoming (for the Fall 2012) 3 year olds to join us.
     Craft helpers sign up
     Food donations for the children (who will be served downstairs this year)
     Food donations for the congregation
     waitress sign up
4th-6th graders should bring heavy-duty scissors. Please label it with your name and take it to the 4th-8th Craft Cabin located in the High School Assembly.

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