11/4/18 Announcements

Sunday 11/4
  • HarvestCall Collection - By working together as a brotherhood through HarvestCall, we can offer assistance and hope by proclaiming Christ and serving others in the U.S., Mexico, Haiti, Jamaica, Europe and other places, striving to see that God is glorified.  Your generosity is important and necessary to meet the needs of the various missions of our brotherhood.  Thank you for your faithful love, prayers, and benevolence.
  • The Fall ACYF Program in Bloomington at 6PM  -   Students and teachers should meet at the high school parking lot at 4:45PM.  All are welcome to attend.  Thanks for your prayers and support for our Bible Class students and teachers!
 Wednesday 11/7
  • "If God is Good…Why is There Pain and Suffering?” by Bro. Brian Sutter (bsutter@accounseling.org)  his is the second of a three part Bible study series on Apologetics (giving a defense of the Christian Faith).  Teenagers are encouraged to attend.  
  • WOW has been Cancelled - so students can attend the Bible Study.
  • ACTIVE will Meet in the Basement
  • HOPE will Meet in the Kitchen
  • Scripture Memory Class
 Friday 11/9 - HarvestCall Benefit Auction for Hospital Lumiere at Five Points - The food court and silent auction start at 4:30. The live auction begins at 7:00. This annual fund-raising auction is a critical part of Hospital Lumiere’s funding and your support is appreciated. For more information, contact Bro. Rich Bertschi or visit the HarvestCall website.

Saturday 11/10
  • ACTIVE Leaf Raking - If you would like your yard raked or know of someone who would appreciate their yard raked, please sign up on the sheet on the bulletin board or contact Sis. Katie Isaia at 309-339-7074 or katierose_28@juno.com.
  • Testimonies of Jim and Julie Tibbs at 6:45 - with baptisms planned for  Sunday
Sunday 11/11-  Annual Family Thanksgiving Hymn Sing - We will be sharing a meal together starting at 5:30 pm before the singing. Pizza will be served so please use the the online sign up if you are planning to attend. The link is in the emailed announcements. If you have any questions or are unable to sign up online and are planning to attend, contact sisters Marjorie or Susan Bertschi.
The link for the sign up is www.PerfectPotluck.com/JERJ0412.

Thursday 11/22 - Thanksgiving Services at Church at 9:45 - there will be no Wed. evening services on 11/21

HarvestCall’s Winter Rebuilding Ministry will be in Hardin County, Texas - Numerous homes will be rebuilt or repaired for disadvantaged people who suffered catastrophic flooding from Hurricane Harvey. They are in need of our help to repair and rebuild their homes and lives. Forty volunteers are needed each week starting January 6, 2019 and continuing through March 29, 2019. Please consider giving of your time and talents to minister to those in need.
  • Skilled tradesmen AND unskilled workers are needed, as are those with a passion to share their faith with those we serve.
  • Online registration is required for team members and opens at noon Central time November 15 at www.harvestcall.org

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