5/26/19 Announcements

Wednesday 5/29 - The Wise and the Foolish - Sermon on the Mount Series - Matt 7:24-29 (Bro. Jed Rocke/Goodfield, jmrock1995@gmail.com) Memory verse:   “Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:” (Matthew 7:24)

June 3-7 - Vacation Bible School​ ​
  • Sign-up Sheets have been posted on the bulletin board:
    • New Students: ​Please list names for incoming 3 year olds as well as children who are not on the Sunday School roster that plan to come to VBS.
    • Food Donations and Workers for Snacks
  • Questions regarding VBS, please contact Sisters Marjorie Bertschi or Jamie Hodel.
  • Renault Sunday School Collection ​- We are requesting gently used summer kids clothes, shoes, and book bags. We need boys and girls sizes 2T - adult small.  Please no winter clothes.  Thank you so much for your donation!  It has always been a huge blessing to the children.   If you have questions please contact Sis. Mandy Yordy.

Saturday 6/8 - Testimony at 6:45 - Elly Sauder (Bro. Brad and Sis. Jill) has found peace with God and man and desires to share what Jesus has done in her life. Baptism is planned for Sunday 6/9.

Sunday 6/16 - Save The Date:  Senior Breakfast at 8:30 am at the Fellowship Hall -  All Seniors, Senior Parents, Bible Class teachers and spouses, and Bible Class Students will be invited.  Invitations will be sent out in the next couple weeks.

Local HarvestCall Project June 24-28 - The Roanoke church will be doing a roof project at the Salem4youth in Flanagan. This will be June 24 - 28. Mark your calendars. Details will follow.

Nursing Home Junior Volunteer Program- will be starting this summer for all students 6th grade and older. If anyone is interested, please contact Michelle Kennell at the Home by May 27 for more information.

Welcome - Dalton Logan has begun repenting. He is a Sophomore at R-B

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